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WIDE’s & code editor’s of the future

WIDE’s are a new web trend, making online teamwork coding on project’s a lot more flexible. WIDE is an (Web) Integrated Development Environment that facilitates developers to work online using web based tools.

It seems like we will be designing web content ON the web in future. Useful for testing live animations, interactive elements and database driven content.

Some are free to use, without a login, others are a premium service, usually with more options available.

Free, without Login:
JS Bin
Premium Service:

[Source: Tripwiremagazine]

Adobe Edge Tools & Services

With the advent of iOS and the Flashless Mobile Internet, Flash finally died. When Adobe said that they will stop the development of the Mobile Flash plugin, I knew there will be a alternative, it was just a matter of time.

So I was excited to hear that Adobe  is creating an “Open Source”  HTML5 & CSS3 Animation Tool. I’m starting to love Adobe’s vision again; they seem to listen to the web developers needs, which aim for a plug-in (pain-)less web experience everybody on every device can enjoy. Looking forward to creating interactive websites again, hurray!

Here’s the Link to the websites: