Edward Chew’s Tetra Pak Origami Lamps

These stunning lamps designed by Edward Chew are made from recycled Tetra Pak cartons which were cut into strips, folded into hundreds of pieces, and then assembled without the use of any adhesives. The designer was able to create a variety of different lamp styles using the same origami module, and says that individuals can use it to create their own lamps. This design is a fantastic example of how a waste product can be re-purposed into a highly functional, and tasteful piece of furniture.

If you like crafts, this lamp is a project for you. Tetrapak cartons used to form small triangles will paste together to form a hexagon.

Then use a balloon to position the hexagons and form a sphere. Remember to leave a space big enough to fit the bulb. Blow up the balloon and put a bulb inside the lamp. Enjoy!


[Source: inhabitat.com]

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